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At Black Canyon Auto Repair we use premium quality brake parts to insure that your vehicle performs at it’s best, when you need it most.  Because we use premium brake pads and brake shoes, we have a lifetime replacement policy on our brake friction components.  Stop in today and let us tell you all about it. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Brakes


What is causing the pulsation when I use my brakes?

In most cases the brake pulsation in a Disc Brake System is caused by a variation in the thickness of the rotors.  This can be caused by overheating, improper torque of the lug nuts, rust build-up and other circumstances that result in the rotor warping or not running true.

In a Drum Brake System, excessive dirt/brake dust in the drum, or an out of round drum may be the cause.

Black Canyon Auto Repair specializes in diagnosing and completing the necessary repairs to bring your brake system to a safe operating level and provide a smooth controlled stop as you apply the brakes.


Why do my brakes squeak?

Brake noise is simply caused by vibration of the brake components.  Much like a musical instrument, these vibrations resonate through the system and become audible sounds that we perceive as a squeak.  Some brake pads have a wear indicator that is designed to drag against the rotor as your brake pads reach the end of their useful life.  This audible warning is designed to inform you that brake service is required.  It is important to understand that there are many other causes of brake noise.  Proper installation, lubrication, hardware and rotor surface are the most important factors in preventing brake noise.  However, overheated brake friction material, rust, humidity, dirt, improperly seated or installed brake pads, brake friction material composition, and other factors can also play a part in creating brake noise.

Black Canyon Auto Repair specializes in diagnosing and completing the necessary repairs to bring your brake system to a safe operating level and prevent most of these noises from returning prematurely.


Why does the Red Parking Brake Light stay on in the instrument cluster?

The red “Brake” indicator has multiple functions.  Although it is used as a Parking Brake indicator, it also serves as a warning light in the event that your vehicle is low on brake fluid.  As the brake pads wear, fluid from the master cylinder is displaced into the calipers.  Many vehicles have a sensor in the master cylinder to turn on the Brake Light if the brake fluid level becomes low due to normal pad wear, or a hydraulic leak.  In addition, the proportioning valve also monitors the flow of brake fluid throughout the brake system.  If these flows get out of their specified range, the proportioning valve can illuminate the Brake Light as well.

A Brake Light that remains lit when the Parking Brake is released is an indicator that service may be required to the Brake System.  A proper brake inspection by Black Canyon Auto Repair can reveal the source of this light and explain the corrective action that is necessary.

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