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Changing your oil at regular service intervals is by far, the most important thing you can do to maximize the life of your car.  Keeping clean fluids in your car’s Engine, Transmission, and Gearboxes reduces wear, and helps your car to run smooth and quiet.  Proper maintenance reduces the likelihood of costly repairs, and reduces the amount of time that you are left without a vehicle, because it is in the shop.

Black Canyon Auto Repair understands the importance of maintaining your vehicle, as well as the importance of using the proper oils and fluids as specified by your vehicle’s manufacture.  We strive to keep the cost of service as reasonable as possible each and every time you visit our shop.  Stop in today and let us earn your business.


Frequently asked questions about Oil Changes and Maintenance


Why does my vehicle manufacture show a Standard Service Schedule, and a Severe Service Schedule?

Each vehicle is operated under different driving conditions.  The proper service schedule is based on the environment in which they are driven, and personal driving habits.

The Standard Service Schedule is designed to maximize the vehicles service potential for the average driver, in an average climate.

However, service requirements need to be increased for vehicles that are operated in harsher conditions.  Some of those conditions include Towing, Dirt Roads, Freezing Temperatures, and Regular Trips of less than 5 miles (when full operating temperature is not achieved).  These are some of the items listed by the vehicle manufactures, which justify using the Severe Service Schedule.  Most vehicles in the Montrose Colorado fall into this classification and Black Canyon Auto Repair is prepared to service those vehicles accordingly.


There is a “Maintenance Required” or “Service Required” light, that is on in my vehicle’s instrument cluster.  Is something wrong with my car?

Unlike the “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” lights (which indicate a problem), the “Maintenance Required” or “Service Required” light is a reminder that a scheduled maintenance service is due.  Depending on the vehicle, this service may include anything from an oil change, to a more extensive maintenance service.  After these services are performed, this light is reset by Black Canyon Auto Repair, and you will be given an itemized list of the services performed for your records.


Do I have to take my car to the Dealership to maintain my warranty?

No, as long as the necessary services are performed and properly documented, your vehicle warranty will remain intact.

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